Sunday, January 11, 2009


The problem with delusions is that the bubble will always burst. (You'll have to read my previous post to undestand this one). I REALLY tried to live in my delusional world yesterday. Hmmmm let's see how long it lasted. Did I manage to take the dog for a walk....kinda. We piled into the jeep and went to doggie u wash place. I sat in my chair and gave Petunia a bath (with Mark's MAJOR assistance). We then went to the Post Office. Petunia and I sat in the car while Mark went in. Then we went to home depot. I in my chair, Petunia on her leash held by Mark. We went straight to the screw section. (As I looked all the screws, bolts and nuts I wondered why in the world men need so many varieties and what the heck some of them did). While Mark spent about 10 minutes in front of the vast display of oddities, I held Petunia's leash as she basked in the attention of perfect strangers. After allowing Petunia her few minutes of bliss I wheeled the both of use down to the end of the aisle to the front door display. Since Petunia already has a healthy respect for the wheelchair I simply knotted her leash around one of the front handles of the chair and away we went. (All of 30 feet). Petunia again attracted folks with her sheer beauty (what is it about bulldogs that people find so attractive that even big burly construction workers stop gazing with glazed eyes at a power tool and come over to pet them? Ladies if your single.....get a bulldog) while I discussed the merits of frosted glass on a front door with the door salesperson. When Mark joined us he took possession of the leash and home we went. At which point I crashed and burned. I went to the recliner and proceeded to sleep for multiple hours. Sigh. Seriously, TWF hit and I was out for the count. We're talking at least 3 hours here, maybe more. I didn't wake up until after four. I felt as if I could easily have gone to bed for the night when I woke up. (I had fallen asleep while running my MS protocol). I didn't have the energy for dinner out. Which was very frustrating. I didn't do anything more strenuous than wheel myself about 300 yards. Piece of cake, but it wiped me out and it sucks. So of what my delusional self wanted to do yesterday, the only thing I accomplished with walking the dog. Kinda. Damn MS.

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