Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Just when you think you couldn't feel worse.

Ugh. Thank God for Halls cough drops. I now have a very deep voice. Which might be considered sexy in the right circumstances. Unfortunately, having a deep sexy voice while trying to cough up a lung isn't one of them. However, I refuse to dwell on how crummy I feel and focus on the fact that it's NOT shot night tonight. YIPPEE. Always look for the positive I say. I toddled around today using the cane. Not a real smart idea when you have a 30 pound 3 month old puppy underfoot who thinks the cane is a cool toy and tries to take it away from you. Much safer to use the walker or chair. At least when Petunia is around. The nice thing about having to fight Petunia for the cane was that I was fighting her for the cane in the first place. I've gotten myself to the point that I use the wheelchair at home on an "as needed" basis. That's a big improvement from the fall of last year. It's been a slow process but I give a lot of credit to the protocols I run. I really don't think I'd be nearly as far along as I am now. My left leg is unlikely to improve much more and my balance may always be pretty iffy, but its better than it was. The wheelchair is still my friend, but one I wouldn't mind seeing a lot less.

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MS. ME said...

OMG - the visual I got from Petunia fighting you for the cane!!! Big Smile! Sorry you're coughing up a lung but at least it's NOT shot night!!