Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't you wish.....

that we had a switch in our brains that we could TRULY take a break from everything? A switch that would make us forget all our worries and troubles. A switch that would give us at least a day with no bills, no frustration, no pent up anger and resentment, and no MS. That also means no wheelchairs, walkers, canes, shots, pills or falls. Wouldn't that be great. Of course, in a perfect world we would have that. Then again, in a perfect world we wouldn't need it because MS wouldn't exist. Ahhhh Utopia. On the flip side, would you be the person you are today WITHOUT MS or whatever your personal struggle is? Would you be as emotionally strong as you are? Would you have the insight to life that you have? I wouldn't. Prior to MS I had another challenge that I believe has helped me tough out the challenges of MS. I don't talk about the other challenge here, as I don't think it's the right forum. None the less, it made me tougher as I struggled, and continue to do so, with it. One of the unique things about MS is that is it so very different for each of us. Most never become disabled and end up in a chair or have to use an adaptive device. Then, there are those who are "special". Who get to experience all that MS has to offer. What constantly amazes me as I read other MSers blogs is how strong the writers are. You rarely read "whiny" posts. What comes through loud and clear is the inner strength each of them have. The character and perseverance, the determination they each have to live their lives on THEIR terms and not MS's. If you haven't done so read some of the blog entries of my fellow bloggers listed on my blog site. I think you'll find them very enlightening, not to mention downright entertaining. I wish I could write as well as they do!

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