Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Morning post Rebif

As I sit here waiting for the ADT folks to show up (we're having a home security system put in) I feel as if I'm trying to hack up a lung. On top of the aches that go with being hit by the Rebif bus. I've been back on Rebif for 7 months this month. How long does it take to get used to this crap so the side effects diminish?! Petunia is amusing herself by chasing a huge softball sized doggie ball (which she picks up with NO problem). There is nothing dainty about Petunia. She was 3 months old on the 5th and weighs 10 pounds for each month...already. She's rather like her owner. She tends to stumble a lot and battles fatigue that knocks her out with little or no warning. We make great couch potatoes. The good thing about being down is I'm running my programs every 3 hours. Besides a few minor flareups and big time fatigue (we won't mention recent falls or balance issues) the MS seems to be under control. For Now. I know it's still lurking waiting for an opportunity to strike again, but I intend not to allow that opportunity to happen. I'm a big believer that Dr. Rhodes' machine will help me do that. Of course, I'm staying on all my meds. I am now on the maximum dose of Neurontin for the muscle spasticity and I'm STILL having spasms. Granted they are few and farther between, but no less painful. Fortunately I never had the side effect of drowsiness from the Neurontin and it has made a positive difference. I think that we hope that with each drug we take for our MS we really hope it will be the "cure all". Sadly, no such thing exists for MS....yet. I am ever hopeful that research finds a cure, or at the very least a drug that will truly hold MS at bay for everyone. A drug with MINIMAL side effects. I'd sign up for that!

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