Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What is this world coming to?

I've deliberately kept politics off my blog. I don't discuss world events here either. I wanted to keep the blog simple. Just about MS and my journey with it. However, the more I watch the news the more disgusted I find myself becoming. What the heck is wrong with us as a human race? Some of us believe our religion makes us better that others, which gives us the right to then MURDER those of different faiths and races. CEO's believe that they are entitled to bailout money from the government and be able to keep their jobs. While it is their poor management decisions that drove the companies they were leading into bankruptcy and jeopardize hundreds of thousands of jobs. (Wish I could get a bail out. I don't see my local Congressman jumping in to help me with my student loans and other debt now that I'm unable to work)! Others believe they have the right to take someone else's property, just because it's there. Kids believe that taking a gun to school and killing those who make fun if them, or they simply don't like them is the right way to deal with their problems. Something is definitely wrong with the world. Perhaps the biggest problem is why we tolerate all this. We've become so "Politically correct" and afraid of offending that we turn a blind eye to the changes in society that brought us to where we are today. Now all we do is "whine" about things, but no one has the good old fashioned "gumption" to stand up and SPEAK up. Heck look at all the voters who cast their votes for Senators, Congressmen, Mayors and Governors in recent years who were indicted for corruption or under investigation for other criminal activity DURING the elections! We allowed discipline to be taken out of the classroom, we took away the parents right to discipline their children (there is a HUGE difference between discipline and abuse). I remember when I was a kid, if a neighbor saw us misbehaving they would yell at us AND rat us out to our parents. Geesh. We'd get into trouble TWICE. Now the neighbors are afraid to say anything because of the parental mindset of "who are you to correct my child". (Heck the PARENTS don't even correct them). Doesn't matter that your kid was throwing rocks at passing cars and I told him/her to knock it off. I'm the bad guy. I think I'm going to turn my TV off for the rest of the year! Tomorrow..back to blogging about MS.

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