Monday, December 22, 2008

It's finally here...

Christmas week. Where did the time go? It seems there is so much to do at the last minute. Fortunately, all our gifts have been wrapped, shipped and sent on their way. Mark picked up a carrier for our Princess Petunia Her Royal Highness this morning. (Yes, she has already assumed her royal airs). The weather here has changed once again. It poured rain this morning. All the beautiful snow is just about gone :( It rained for a few hours and has now stopped. Now we wait to see if the temperature drops and snow comes tonight. I'm feeling pretty good. No more spasms since I started the increased dose of Neurontin. I just hope it works permanently. Tonight is shot night so I've already started taking the IBU. It seems all my days are measured in "It's shot not", or it's not. I'm following the research they are doing on the oral treatment. It goes to the FDA for approval next year. I can't wait until it's approved. Of course, it will also depend on the side effects of it. I can't imagine the side effects of it would be any worse than the Rebif side effects are for me.

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