Tuesday, December 16, 2008

It is what it is

Looks like this night has the potential to be another insomnia filled night. UGH. Of course, there is never anything good on TV on the nights you can't sleep. Thank goodness for Tivo. It also means I'll be surfing the net to see if I can find any more promising research information out there. It's hard to believe that Christmas is less than 10 days away. I'm all done with shopping thank goodness. Now it's all the wrapping etc. that's let to be done. Then traveling up north to be with some of the family. Hard to believe another year is almost done. Been a challenging one, but a joyful one as well. I've learned a lot about the ongoing MS research out there. Hopefully, we'll see some big strides in MS treatment over the next decade. I'd love to see an oral med on the market (as long as it had minimal side effects). I had having to stick myself with a needle three times a week. It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't feel so crummy the day after each injection. Tomorrow I'm just going to take it easy. I wasn't feeling so great yesterday with the MS. I was definitely having an "off" day. Balance was off and my fatigue level was high. Today wasn't much better. I didn't even answer my emails today, just forwarded a few "funnies". I "feel" fine. Just very tired. All part of the MS. At least I listen to my body now and when it's tired I don't try and fight it. It is what it is. If I find anything interesting as I google tonight, I'll post the info here tomorrow.

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