Monday, December 29, 2008

Our Skateboarding Queen

Petunia is a joy to have. You see her with he purple skateboard. She is starting to get the hang of it and isn't happy when she runs out of space in the family room. When that happens she looks at me ask if asking to move the wall in her way! She's also VERY verbal. If I correct her she has NO problem telling me EXACTLY how she feels about it. It's like having a toddler that goes to a teenager in 2 seconds! She's really a good girl though we will be glad when the puppy teeth are gone. They HURT! Oh, and no big problems related to the fall I took yesterday. A stiff neck and right shoulder. Nothing that some IBU won't take care of!


MS. ME said...

Glad you're okay from the fall! Petunia is adorable! Don't you love it when they talk back to you??

kmilyun said...

glad that your fall did not cause more damage than it did.

Petunia is just adorable. Catfish dog plays football with his "Royal Orb of Fuzz". He places it between his front paws and fakes hiking it on hup hup hup commands and then hikes it out his hind legs.

He is now jealous looking at Petunia playing on her skateboard. I keep telling him that skateboards and condo's don't mix.

Annie dog now can tell the difference between a play mom fell boom and a real ugh oh. She helps me get back up.

Petunia seems to be quite the character - love the pics and hope you share more. Our canine friends are such a joy.

Kimberly said...

Often it's are animals that are our greatest comfort during our worst times. There were many times Valor's fur absorbed my tears over the years. Our animals always seem to know when we are hurt or need comfort. Of course when I fell in the mud yesterday, ending up flat on my back; Petunia thought it was play time! LOL