Sunday, December 21, 2008

Medication adjustments

Went and saw my MD yesterday because of the return of the spasticity. She adjusted my Neurontin to my dose is now at 2400mg/day. That's the max dose. I started the increased dose yesterday at bedtime. I have to say it put me out pretty quickly, but I still followed my normal wake sleep cycle. Meaning little sleep and mostly awake. However, NO muscle spasms. Today I'm tired, but that could be related to the increased dosage. It will take a few days for my body to adjust. Now on to a much more pleasant topic: Petunia. She's awesome. We are really enjoying her and it's great to have a dog in the house again. She is very smart. She actually woke me up last night (I had fallen asleep on my recliner) to go outside and today she came and got me then went to the door to let me know. She slept secured in the family room and had NO accidents! Of course I realize that as an 11 week old puppy accidents will happen! We had her weighed today and she weighs 21.4 pounds. AT 11 WEEKS! Yikes shes going to be a BIG girl. We took her out in the neighborhood today to meet some of the neighbors. (We want her to be well socialized). She's doing well with the wheelchair and stays a healthy distance from it when we're walking. (Of course Mark is holding her leash until she is a bit bigger and has had some training). Hope everyone is doing well!

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