Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Catching up

I have so much catching up to do as it's been a few days since I blogged. Actually, things are going pretty darn well. I'm almost afraid to type that. Seems that every time things seems to be going well and I acknowledge that, something happens. However, right now I choose to revel in the fact that my MS seems to be in remission and I'm seeing improvement in my functioning. I attribute my improvement to the treatments I take with the STS RX machine. Of course, I am diligent in running my protocols. In fact, I'm hooked up now as I type. I have noticed two significant changes since my return from Texas. 1. My morning energy level is wonderful. I wake on my own by 6:30 (which is amazing since I have NEVER been a morning person) and I have tons of energy. EVERY morning. My high energy level lasts until early afternoon, then it starts petering out. 2. I've noticed an improvement in my balance. Enough of an improvement that I'm giving serious thought to getting out of the chair and using the walker. Dr. Rhodes said it would be a gradual process, baby steps. He was right. At times, I wondered if the treatments were going to help with anything besides pain. The results I'm seeing motivates me to keep going forward. The hardest part of the treatments is staying still. Being hooked up to the electrodes is, for obvious reasons, confining. If there is nothing on TV and I don't feel like reading it can be tedious. Compared to the side effects of Rebif , boredom as a side effect is a piece of cake!!! The only challenge I've had lately is a return of the muscle spasticity. OUCH. It hasn't been too bad, but bad enough to remind me how bad it HAS been in the past. I've been pretty successful at managing my stress level as well. Which, as anyone with MS knows, is vital. If it's not my problem, I don't take it on. It's that simple. Life provides us each with enough of our own problems and stressors without taking on someone else's. I think that's a skill we could all stand to learn. So, basically, so far so good. I'm thrilled with the progress I'm making and hope it continues.

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MS. ME said...

Yeah Kimberly!! So glad you're seeing continued improvement on the protocols!! I'm raising my Sprite in toast to your energy level & balance (it'll be a Corona in a few more hours!!) : ]