Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Rebif and getting ready for Christmas

Just when I think my body is adjusting to the Rebif (is that even possible??) WHAM. Last night was injection night. No different than any other injection night. Took 800mg of IBU at noon and then again when I injected. For some reason I had high fevers all night and my body hurt so badly that even my skin hurt. Needless to say sleep didn't happen. Thankfully, with the exception of a headache, I was back to "normal" by noon. I don't have any protocols that would help and I tried several just to see if they would. I think they helped a bit with some of the pain, but not much. With all the research you would think they could come up with a treatment for MS in which the side effects aren't so bad. Of course, I realize that some people tolerate this medication with no problem. Wish I was one of them. At least I don't have to inject tonight, so after running my programs I should sleep. It's perfect sleeping weather here. It's down to the low 30's at night. I keep waiting for snow! We have a shot at getting some Sunday or Monday. If we do, it will most likely be a dusting and gone in a day, but it sure helps usher in the Christmas spirit. I enjoy seeing the decorating all the neighbors are doing. Some are really extravagant! They have large blown up Santa's, Snow men etc. Not to mention all the lights. It's beautiful at night. We're not putting lights up this year. We have our tree in front of the living room window and I have an animated deer and snowman we'll put out this weekend. I've been slowly collecting my "village" for the inside. I really enjoy adding to it every year. Of course, as it grows the challenge become where to put it all every year! I plan to start baking next week if I have the stamina. The protocols have really helped boost my morning energy, so I anticipate doing all my baking in the morning. I started years ago giving homemade baked goods to my neighbors for Christmas. Brownies anyone?

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