Thursday, December 11, 2008

Snow watch

Geesh even South Eastern Texas has had snow! Amazing. We're in the mountains at 4000 feet and not a flurry has arrived. It doesn't seem like the Christmas season without at least a light snow! It's been cold enough to snow with gray skies thrown in to give false hope. Still waiting. . I love the cool temperatures of this time of year. It's so much easier on the MS. No worries about heat related flare-ups. Of course, with the holidays stress management becomes even more important. I fully intend to start baking next week. I'll be careful not to push too hard and limit my baking to the morning hours. That way I'll be conserving my energy levels. Of course, then the challenge becomes NOT eating what I bake in the afternoon! Our round of Christmas parties start tomorrow evening. I would love to have a gathering here, but I don't think my energy level will allow me too. Not this year anyway. While I am continuing to see improvement using the protocols, it seems my day to day energy level is taking it's time bouncing back. My balance is better. Not perfect, but better. My body still requires the protocols being run every 3 hours to keep pain under control which can be a challenge when your trying to plan your daily activities. (I'm running them as I type). What keeps me from getting frustrated is looking back to where I was June-November and seeing where I am now.

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