Monday, December 08, 2008

Christmas Season arrived at my house

The Christmas season has arrived at our house. We put our tree up and decorated it with ribbon, bows, sparkly ornaments and of course lights are on the tree as well. The angel at the top (I've had her for years) is too tall, so she will be replaced this year with something else. I started a village collection a few years ago and have added each year. This time I found a piece that is gorgeous. (BIG though). It's a house on a hill with a train that goes through a tunnel in the hill and a river that flows down the hill and around the front. It all lights up, including the river. There is also a snow man, bridge and a few people on it. (Told you it was big). I picked it because of the moving train. My husband LOVES trains and I knew he would like this piece. (He does). We ended the night drinking brandy in Egg Nog (YUM). Made me miss my dad though :( Dad and I had a tradition of drinking Egg Nog together. That's the hard part of family being so far away. Maybe next year we'll be able to enjoy it together. Next weekend we'll start decorating the outside of the house. No snow here yet. It won't really feel like Christmas until it does. So, I have my fingers crossed. Most of my shopping is done. Surprisingly none of my shopping so far has been done on line. Much to Marks dismay as he has to go everywhere with me. Kinda hard to shop alone in the chair. I only have two more people to shop for then I'm done. Next is shipping!

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