Sunday, December 28, 2008

A reminder not to get cocky...that was painful..and messy

Just when you think to yourself...HAH....I've got this thing (MS) back under control. Over the past few days I've noticed an increase in my fatigue level and balance issues (as we all know stress causes flareups and even though it was GOOD stress the holidays are still stressful). I use my wheelchair when I feel I need to but try to use the walker or feel around walls as much as possible. Well, today I decided (even being wobbly) in my infinite wisdom to go outside on the back patio on just my own two feet. NOT a wise decision. First, let me describe the backyard. We had a wonderful patio poured in June, but the yard is not landscaped. In other words, it's a mud pit. Anyway, I was out side with hubby and Petunia (who by the way is learning to skateboard) when all of a sudden, you guessed it the balance went. So of course, I'm trying to take steps to catch my balance (VERY unsuccessfully I may add). I end up going a&* over elbow off the patio and land flat on my back in a combination of frozen water and mud. It happened so fast my husband couldn't reach me in time. My glasses and everything else not zipped up or buttoned went flying. I recall just lying there, Petunia jumping on my stomach thinking I wanted to play. I don't remember getting up. The next thing I remember is kneeling on the patio, mud dripping off me everywhere and telling my husband to just leave me there. I'm not sure if that statement was made because I was afraid to move or I was being entertained by the shapes the mud made as it splattered on the patio. After about 5 minutes, I attempted to start moving body parts. One part at a time. Mark helped me up and walked me into the house (fortunately I don't have carpeting in the kitchen area), mud still dripping. The end result of my inability to stay in the chair when I need to be there is a bruised left wrist and ankle, stiff shoulders and a headache. I was lucky. My husband was gracious enough NOT to laugh. Lesson learned......don't be so cocky and when I need to be in the chair I need to accept it.

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Sarah said...

I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you're ok now! That is so cute you're teaching petunia to skateboard!