Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twas 2 days before Christmas......

and all through the house 1 creature was stirring and she wasn't a mouse....It was bloody me! I've been UP since 2:30 this morning. I really shouldn't complain. I went to bed around 10 and was asleep by 10:15. So I DID get a little over 4 hours of solid sleep. For a chronic insomniac that's a pretty rare occurrence. I usually sleep in fits. An hour here, 30 minutes there and toss and turn all night. (My poor husband can attest to that). I would have slept longer except that Princess Petunia figured out how to get through the gate that closed her off in the family room and visit me. Bounding at the side of the bed. Of course, my first thought can't be typed here. I figured I would find major damage somewhere. After all an 11 week old puppy who already weighs 21.7 pounds (we were in the vets yesterday to have Petunia treated for an allergic reaction. However, that's another blog and she's fine now), can easily bring a Christmas tree down. I got dressed (figuring I was up, why not) and began the room to room search. To my everlasting shock and amazement the ONLY thing she destroyed was one of Maggie's cat toys that hangs from the handle of the closet door. (I'm sure Maggie isn't happy about that). Now BOTH animals are sound asleep and I'm up. Drinking my EARLY morning coffee and actually enjoying the quiet time. I feel good. A little achy from the Rebif but not too bad. No muscle twitches or spasms, no funky aches and pains. I've noticed with the increased Neurontin dose my balance is more unsteady, but I'm sure it will resolve as my body adjusts to the new dosage. I'm walking more and more with the walker, but won't risk going out and about without the chair. My balance and fatigue levels are still too unpredictable. Well, I think I'm going to try to find something on TV other than infomercials. Type atcha later!

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