Thursday, October 02, 2008

Who are we?

While our attention often is focused on the momentous events in our lives; weddings, the birth a child, a new job, an illness. It is often the moments that are so fleeting, we don't even see them, that really shape and define who we are. The "ME" that is our core being. The ME that won't quit, that doesn't give up. The ME that loves profoundly and hurts just as deeply. The ME that often simply can't comprehend WHY things happen. The ME that sometimes wants to curl up in a tight ball to protect myself against the unfairness that has come my way and never get up again. It's the same ME that won't allow that to happen. (Of course, family, friends and a good antidepressant helps with that). I was reminded last night just how important a good support network really is. I'm talking about a support network beyond family and friends. A support network of folks who REALLY "get it". Who understand exactly where your at, because they have been there or ARE there too. The sharing of a common experience, especially a challenging one, not only is a thing of bonding but a reminder to each other that our "ME's" are no less than they were before the canes, walkers and wheelchairs. That we are NOT defined by the appliances we are forced to use, but by the strength, compassion, support, grace and love we give others, especially when we ourselves are struggling. It's the personal character we developed over our lives that forces us to continue on, no matter how hard things get. One of the most difficult challenges isn't using a cane, walker or being in a chair. The most challenging issue is NOT allowing myself to get caught up in "I can't", but to focus on "I can" and move to "I WILL". "I WILL TRY" may lead to what I perceive is a failure, but is it a failure? I don't think so. The failure would have been in NOT trying. Giving up and staying in "I can't". That's where my new found support outside of my family and friends come in. They will simply not allow me to be stuck in "I can't" because they won't allow THEMSELVES to be stuck there either. I am deeply appreciative of the Blessing God gave me in the form of a support group.

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