Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is it the weather?

* UPDATE* 10/9/08
Yesterday's entry needs a bit of clarification. I bolded the area before. This teeny sentence sparked such glee in my husband. In fact I believe he stated he was going to print it out, highlight it and make sure it was posted as he may never hear or see such a thing again. To my darling husband I state, "YEP".

Seems that a large percentage of the folks I've talked to with MS recently, or follow their blogs, are having flare-ups, exacerbation's or are battling depression to some degree. Most have had relatively good summers when it came to their MS. I it the barometer change with the fall or what? When your ill, physically or emotionally stressed it makes sense that a flare up or exacerbation will soon follow. What's frustrating is when it happens and you CAN'T pin point a cause. I can pin point the cause of mine over the last 5 months, fortunately. Or unfortunately depending on perspective. Frankly I would have preferred to do without the major stressor that started it all. However, when it comes to exacerbation's, I'd rather be able to pin point it. At least I know WHY. When an exacerbation comes flying out of left field, for me, it's more discouraging. Especially when you know that your doing everything your supposed to do to take care of yourself and it happens anyway. That plain 'ol sucks. Usually the summer is when most folks have the majority of their flare-ups. The heat is the number one culprit. Can't figure out why this fall is such a problem. If you get a cold, it makes sense. Illness is a stressor and MS LOVES stessors. I know I'm having more symptoms after the stress of the past few days dealing with the insurance adjuster. My husband was absolutely right. I shouldn't have allowed the situation to get me so upset. I've been paying for it for the past 2 days and may even need a visit to the MD. However, I digress. Fall is my favorite time of year. It's cooler and my body does much better without the heat. (Not to mention my electricity bill goes down because I'm not running the air 24/7). Time to drag the crock pot out for soups and chili (the HOTTER the better). Fire up the gas fireplace and sit in the evening and drink cider or hot chocolate. Yep, definitely my favorite time of year. My MS seems to go into hiatus during the fall. MS takes a vacation. Perhaps the tropics. I just wish it would loose it's passport and be unable to return! Wouldn't that be great. more MS. Well, I know I fully intend to enjoy the fall. Even if my view is a bit lower (from the chair) than last year. I have made a pact with myself. I refuse to allow the insurance company to push any more buttons. I have decided to push theirs. After all, if I can write a blog I can write letters of appeal and enjoy doing it. I can smother them in paper! After all, what else am I doing??

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