Friday, October 10, 2008

Fall has arrived

YEAH! Fall is FINALLY here, so the picture is to enjoy the last glimpse of summer flowers. It's 39 here this morning, windy as usual with a crisp blue sky. I LOVE the fall. No heat to exacerbate the MS. Time to drag all the fall and winter clothing out and put away the summer shorts till next year. Amazing how fast this year is flying by. Hard to imagine that Thanksgiving is merely a month away! Before we know it Christmas will be here then the year over. After next week I'll be really busy once again. I'll be heading back to Texas for more treatments at the end of October. This time I'll be going for 10 days. Mark will be with me the first week then a girlfriend is flying out to stay with me the second week and fly home with me. (Staying alone wasn't an option per Mark). After I get back Thanksgiving will be mere weeks away. Thank goodness for the Internet. At least that's one way to get all my holiday shopping done without having to go out into the crowds. The second way is to send Mark out with a list. :)~

You'll notice I didn't discuss insurance, MS or symptoms this blog. ON PURPOSE. I need an MS break. Since MS isn't giving me one, I'm taking it anyway I can!

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