Sunday, October 19, 2008

Wheelchairs, perks and lemonade

I never thought I'd realize that being in a wheelchair brings "perks", but yup it does. Mark (my wonderful hubby) took me clothes shopping today. I needed an outfit for a birthday celebration this weekend and well as Thanksgiving. All my really "nice clothes" are either more business attire or require hose and heels. (Think dresses and skirts). I didn't want to do "business" for "fun" outings and the holidays, nor do I really want to be sitting in a chair in a dress or skirt. (I'm self conscious enough being in the chair without hearing my mothers voice whispering in my head saying "sit like a lady". Sorry mom, the days of crossing my legs are gone). Plus, socks are a whole lot more comfy than hose! So, the perk of being in the chair this week......I can find TONS of excuses not to have to wear hose and heels! Yeehaw! So, I got my shopping done pretty quickly. Which spared my husband from bleeding from the eyes and ears and being completely traumatized by a prolonged shopping experience. Hey, another perk...hubby HAS to go shopping with me to hold the bags! Gee, I had no idea there were so many benefits to being in a chair. I've decided to try and find a perk a week....and I've already named two! I'm on a roll here. (Which is probably a sign that I'm actually dwelling too much on being IN the chair). Did I mention we ordered my custom chair Friday? I should have in within the next few weeks. It will weigh a good 15 pounds less than the chair I'm using now which is HUGE. It will be a lot easier to maneuver in as well. Hopefully, it will also give me back some of my independence. I can't lift the chair I'm in now to put it in the car. So, I can't go anywhere without Mark. (Not that I mind his company, but it would be nice to be able to run to the store alone). It's amazing how life really DOES go on. We adjust, making lemonade from lemons no matter how how we may fight being given the lemons in the first place. We just have to remember that no matter how challenging/bad today may seem, tomorrow really IS another day and this day will pass. As will it's challenges. So, I'll just sit and quietly sip the lemonade and enjoy life...from my chair.

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