Sunday, October 05, 2008

Rebif kicked my

kiester. I inject on Thursday's, Saturday's and Tuesdays. Usually the massive amounts of IBU I take before, at, and after injecting keeps the majority of the side effects at bay. (Fever, body aches. Basic flu like symptoms). Well not today. I was feverish all night and OHHH does my entire body hurt today. I feel like the MS train hit me, ran all 50 cars and the caboose over me for good measure! I would do just about anything to get off the Rebif and not take ANY shot. In reality, I wouldn't dare attempt it. MS has been attacking my body at a terrible rate this summer ON the meds. I wouldn't even want to imagine what state I'd be in without the shot! The Neurontin seems to be doing a fairly good job of keeping the really severe muscle spasms at bay, although they continue to occur intermittently. (Could also be the machine helping). I'm just in SO much pain today. NOT a good day. Usually, as I discuss in the blog, I really try to "mind over matter" bad days. Not today. Today I'm giving into it. I'm going to run my pain protocol as much as I can today and hope to get some relief (I already ran it this morning and got minimal relief, which IS better than nothing). It's a nice cool, crisp fall day which is the perfect excuse to just stay in, hang out on the recliner and nap. Works for me!

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