Monday, October 06, 2008

Who did I....

PISS OFF?!?! It's not enough to be deaf, be nearly blind without glasses, have MS (not to mention NOT being a perfect size 10) and recently ending up in a chair. No, now I have to fight with the insurance adjuster/UM committee who decided in their infinite wisdom to deny my MS claim. Apparently, per them, MS is NOT exacerbated by extreme stress, or any stress for that matter. HELLO??! Have any of their obviously "I obtained my RN by correspondence course" UM reviewers read ANY of the MS data?? Lets say together shall we, "The first things that will cause an MS exacerbation are extreme or extreme stress (physical or emotional). Oh, and it gets better. NONE of the medical information submitted by MY physicians count. Only the neurologist (NON-MS Specialist) they sent me to has any input. So, of course I get an automatic appeal. During this appeal I have a choice of three Neurologists of THEIR choosing. When I asked the question, "ARE THEY MS SPECIALISTS".....guess what the answer was?! "They are Neurologists". (That's like sending a cardiologist to perform open heart surgery. He may know a heck of a lot about the heart, but when it's broken he can't fix it)! Do they seriously not know the difference, or do they think I'm just going to give up and cave in? I DIDN'T get my RN through a correspondence course AND I'm a MSer, so I know the difference. I also happen to be stubborn as H*^$ so caving in isn't an option either. Crying might be, but caving isn't. My poor husband. I don't think I've ever seen a man so glad to go away for a few days. Too much stress around here since Friday. I may be able to see the bright side of this tomorrow (not likely), but right now. I'm plain 'ol pissed off.

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