Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Just stay in the chair"

*Clarification* I need to explain WHY I can't have an MRI. I am deaf and have bilateral cochlear implants. The implants in my head have magnets in them. Hence NO MRI's allowed.

Had an appointment with an Orthopedic today about my pelvis. 5 months after my fall I'm still having a lot of pain. What does he say?? "Without an MRI there is nothing I can do for you so just stay in the chair". IS HE FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?! What in the world did MD's do before MRI's? Isn't amazing that they were successfully able to diagnose and treat patients before the MRI was invented? Seriously, that's what he said. So in order to prevent the remake of a scene from the exorcist in his office (you know the scene. The one where Linda's head starts turning and she spews green), he decided to attempt to placate me with an order for a CT scan of the pelvis and a referral to a PAIN SPECIALIST. Ahhhh...the solution for everything. Pop a pill of two and you'll feel better. I don't want to see a pain specialist. How can they even THINK of sending you to a pain specialist when they don't even know what's wrong??? I guess if your doped up enough you won't care. Geesh. "Stay in the chair". Now, I do believe I've heard everything. The only GOOD thing about today....I'm too fired up now to feel sorry for myself!


MS. ME said...

You should have told him staying in the chair would interfere with your triathalon training! What's the big deal with the MRI anyway? Not like it makes us turn green or anything like that. Hell, my neuro doesn't like the fact I've had 4 CT's in the past two years but I've had double the MRI... Your right, how did our grandparents live so healthy w/o them?? Hope you get something figured out soon!!! :]

Anonymous said...

Hi Kim:

I was diagnosed in 1976 - way before MRI's became available. Regarding the CT, that is probably your best bet.

But as far as seeing a pain specialist, that is a personal decision but not one that I would ever make. I do not like to be foggy with drugs and it sounds like you don't either.

Unbelieveable what the doc said to you bout MRI? He wouldn't be my doc much longer if he couldn't treat you without relying on machines. Good old fashion history taking, good examination and excellent observational skills was taught in med school. Sounds like this guy has become lazy and forgot how to use them.

I trust you've had Xrays to rule out fracture? But have you had an ultrasound of the pelvis? I know it is another machine, but magnets really don't play a big part in how the ultrasound functions.

Good luck in your search for adequate treatment, Anne