Monday, October 13, 2008

Counting the days...

until I see the orthopedic about my left hip and pelvis. FINALLY. The insurance company authorized him to take over my ortho care FIVE MONTHS after my fall! My appointment is Wednesday morning. I can't wait to hear what he has to say. Of course the bone injuries are well healed. Now he has to figure out how to fix what didn't heal right and what non-bone injuries I have in there. Of course, it's my left side which is also the side most affected by MS. I'm hoping that if he can fix the ortho issue then maybe my walking will get better, I'll stop falling and get OUT of this chair! (I insist on thinking positive). Did I mention my Neurontin dose was increased again? I started having a horrible increase in neuropathy pain. OUCH. Nothing like feeling your being stuck with a million needles all at one time in several different places. They didn't feel like ultra fine needles either! Fortunately, the change in dose seems to be working. I still have some tingling, but it manageable and not painful. THAT I can live with. I can't imagine how folks who suffer from chronic pain do it. I've got a pretty high tolerance level, but I'm so thankful that between medications and my machine, my pain is generally pretty manageable. I'm hoping the orthopedic can fix the hip and pelvis so THAT pain is taken care of. I just hope it doesn't take something surgical to do it. Although after 5 months and the pain continuing, I'm afraid I tore something in there that he's going to have to fix. OUCH. Don't even want to think about that!

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