Sunday, October 12, 2008

Took a break

Mark took me off the mountain Friday. We went down to the condo in the valley. He took me out to a nice dinner at Roy's (one of my favorite places) and we returned home Saturday afternoon. Just a quick overnighter, but it was nice. It was also the first time I had been off the mountain since Texas, so I was WAY overdue! Fortunately, the condo turned out to be VERY wheelchair friendly as well. We didn't have to move anything in order for me to wheel around. What a difference 24 hours and a change of scenery makes in the mindset. I think my psyche just needed the break. Even if it was just for 24 hours. Being in the chair is, well, confining. The chair is too heavy for me to lift so it means I'm confined to the inside of my house and the porch. I think anyone would go stir crazy after awhile. There is only so much Fox news I can watch! Taking a break and getting into a different environment made a huge difference in my mind set.

The weather this morning is COLD. 29 degrees! Of course, it will warm up one more time before Fall decides to really set in. I'm up early this morning, as I usually am on post Rebif shot mornings. Even with taking all the ibuprofen I'm so achy even my skin hurts. I've had a big increase in neuropathey and it's pain the last week. So, Friday my Neurontin was upped. Really too early to tell if it's helping, but it sure isn't making it worse. I've also noticed a change in my hands. They just aren't working right. (Not like they worked right before)! They want to be lazy and not hold things. I find myself doing things like shaking them to "wake them up". DUH. Like that's going to work. Then they tingle on top of NOT working right. LOL. Perfect.

I came to the realization this weekend that I'm NOT adjusting to MS as well as I thought I was. Or should I say MS's effects. Being in a chair sucks. I keep trying to focus on the fact that being in a chair is NOT the worst thing that can happen to me in life. It's not been the best either. So, I'm taking it one minute at a time. As we all should no matter what is going on in our lives. Otherwise, we loose sight of the good things. THAT'S where we get into trouble.

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