Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hospital Update

I now have optic neuritis in BOTH eyes. I've gained 11 pounds in two days of the IV steroids and feel like crap for lack of a more tactful way to put it. mark spent the night with me in the hospital last night. It was really comforting to have him here. Hopefully the CT scan will be done in the morning hours as they made me NPO and the steroids make me insanely thirsty. Typing has become ia challenge so I may not being doing many further updates today. I'll post again when the vision improves or I have time to keep my face close to the keyboard.


MS. ME said...

Hang in there chica!! I'm sending you lots of happy jello thoughts for the hospital - and hope the CT turns out okay!!

Webster said...

I've had ON in both eyes at once. It really sucks to be unable to read the funny papers. That was many years ago when I was newly diagnosed - I regained vision in both eyes, but there's still more loss in my left. Just so long as I can still drive (keeping fingers crossed.)

As for the 11 pounds, unless you've been munching on everything you can get your hands on, it should come off as fast as it came on. Water retention. That's what happened with me last month when I did a four-day run of the 'roids. Ten on, and tem off. Best of luck to you.