Thursday, April 09, 2009

Done with opportunuties

Oh I had steroids. The gastritis, insomnia, irritability. I detest the MS even more. I now can't leave my house without help, so I'm housebound. Sucks.
Because of my MS I started looking around to find a way to
turn my house as "green" as I can (I figure it can't
hurt),as well as get healthy. I found Melaleuca. All the
household cleaning products are green. They also sell
vitamins and all kinds of things we use around the house.
Shampoo, toothpast, you name it.I'd like you
to check it out.

Nothing to join unless you want the preferred customer
30-40% discount (including discounts at places like KOHLS,
Target etc). If you want the discount it's only 25.00 for
the first year and 10.00 for each additional year. Check it
out and see what you think. If you'd like to become a
preferred customer let me know. You order directly throught
the company and it's delivered to you home. NO middle man!

I figure I may as well use the blog to pass this kind of information to others as well. If you want more information email me at:

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