Thursday, April 23, 2009

Beautiful Spring day...

Got my cooling gel packs for my vest in the plants due to be delivered any day...and my energy level good...for me. YEAH SPRING IS HERE! I love the spring. The temperature isn't too warm, the fall bulbs are up, the bees are buzzing and everything seems new. There is nothing more therapeutic than digging in the dirt and watching your projects literally come to life over the next few months and years. The peony I planted last year is up and has about 6 inches of growth. Hopefully, I'll have blooms on it this year. My burning bushes, Lilli's and the lone surviving Gardenia bush all look great. Last years rose bushes all have great new growth as well. So I expect I'll have lot's of fresh flowers for the house this year. My big spring planting project this year is the back yard. Of course, I say "MY" planting project, but in all honesty it will be my husbands. LOL. I'll just point to where I want them. That is the activity I miss the most. The actual planting. I don't have the energy for it. I figure if I can get the new peony in the ground along with the two new rose bushes I'll be doing great. So, I'll sit, enjoy the mild weather and supervise :0) When everything starts blooming I'll post some pictures! Enjoy Spring wherever you are!

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