Saturday, April 04, 2009

MS Stikes again....steroids here I come

Woke up yesterday to moderate trembling in my legs and arms. I couldn't even hold a coffee cup without dripping it down the front of me. I've been doing really with managing my MS. Trying to keep my stress level under control, not overdoing etc. Of course, life at times throws you big curves as it did for my family this week. When you have that kind of curve thrown at you it's incredibly stressful (my dad went to the ER with shortness of breat and chest discomfort. He underwent a cardiac cath). No matter how you try to manage your stress MS takes advantage the moment it can. Anyway, the trembling yesterday diminished through out the day. So, I was just going to ignore it. Then this morning I work up to the same trembling, but this time there is also muscle weakness. Joy. Called the doctor to start steroid treatment. Unfortunately, I have an HMO and there is no one to authorize treatment on a Saturday. Fortunately the doctor that manages my care is one in a million. Her Nurse Practitioner is coming to my home to give me an injection of Kenalog so that at least I have some heavy duty steroids on board while we wait until Monday of Tuesday for the IV infusion of the solumedrol. Mean while, no walking. I can't. My legs won't hold me up. One fall this episode is enough. (Already had one when I tried to get out of bed and tidy my room. Ok, I admit, I'm a neat freak). Hopefully, this will past quickly with the steroids and by next weekend I'll be ready to get some flowers planted!

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