Tuesday, April 07, 2009

3 bells and all is well....

Actually it 3:01. Still wide awake due to the steroids. Nothing much on TV I want to see and reading can't hold my attention. So I decided to blog. My cat (Maggie) is sound asleep at my feet. Content and curled up in a ball. I've always rather envied the life of a spoiled house cat. All she seems to do is eat, sleep and dole out affection as she sees fit. Cats truly run the house. You can't make them do what you want to and you can't stop them from doing what they want. Toonie (Our dog) is also fast asleep. Her snoring fills the family room. Really a rather comforting or annoying sound depending on your perspective. (Fortunately I can't hear her as I would most likely put he snoring in the category of annoying after awhile). The munchies have also kicked in and I am DETERMINED not to allow them to prevail. Every time I go into the kitchen I say a prayer for help grab the water and Crystal Light and get out as fast as I can! LOL Well, I've typed long enough and it's time for me to see if I can get any sleep at all now.

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