Monday, April 20, 2009

Back to my abnormal, "normal" self.

I haven't been posting much this month. A lot going on this month. Dad was so sick at the beginning of the month and I went straight into an exacerbation when he got home from the hospital which, once again, required a round of steroids. I didn't bounce back well either. This round really messed with my moods. They were pretty darn black let me tell you. Fortunately, with the help of hubby I was able to bounce back and am now back to my "normal" self. I found a great web site with MS related items. I ordered a few shirts from them. the web site is:
Under search type in Multiple Sclerosis. They have a great variety of T-shirts, sweat shirts, Hoodies etc. Check it out. Anyway, after 3 or 4 months of not being able to leave the house without either my husband or a friend driving (My Jeep Cherokee became simply too hard for me to get in and out of. It was too high for me to hoist my petard into, not to mention the wheelchair), we decided to do something about it so we traded in the Jeep and bought a new Chrysler Town and Country Van. I can get in and out of it and, because it's so low, I can lift the chair in and out of it as well. Ahhhhh independence!

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