Friday, July 31, 2009


Today is the first anniversary of my blog and this is my 309th entry. Amazing that I had enough to talk about to write over 300 posts! The last year has been a real growing experience. Yes, it was definitely filled with challenges and hard times, but it's also been filled with joy. The birth of another grand baby, my first year of marriage (although we sure didn't think it would be like it was). We weathered everything just fine. That's what happens when you marry your very best friend. No matter what happens your best friend is always there for you.

I gave some serious thought to ending my blog today. However, with encouragement from hubby, family and friends my blog will continue to go on, at least for a little while.

Thank you for all your comments and input. I've enjoyed each of your blogs and learned from them.

In honor of my blogs anniversary I will be changing my blogs look (I don't line this one). So tomorrow I'll start fresh.

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