Friday, July 24, 2009

Ms continues......

I haven't posted in a few days for two reasons. First, I couldn't remember my password! Then, they sent the password to my email address and I couldn't remember that one either. I thought what the heck? Well, those aren't EXACTLY the words I was thinking, but you get the idea. So it wasn't really surprising when more MS flare up symptoms started. My left leg has been a real pain. Literally. It doesn't want to work and half the time it feels like it's on fire. There has been no improvement in my eyes, the near vision is still pretty bad. Reading is slow and challenging, and something I can't do for long. Another symptom that has popped up in exhaustion. My husband has found me several times asleep at the keyboard of the computer. Fingers still on the keys. I didn't do that when I was working 60 hour work weeks so it's very frustrating to me to be this way now. I won't even talk about the falls and new bruises.

Just another exacerbation. One I hope doesn't get any worse. I refuse to call my Neurologist. What is he going to do? I'm still taking steroids. Have been since April.

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JC said...

Good to hear from you