Sunday, July 05, 2009

With the 4th of July celebrations now behind us, it's time to settle in to the heat of summer. We purchased a window air conditioner for the master bedroom yesterday. Even though we have central air, it just doesn't cool that area off enough. Last night was the first night in months that I I didn't wake up with my hair sweat drenched. YEAH!

Next week will be a busy week. Between PT, seeing the Physiatrist and Marks appointment's. My focus will be on staying cool. One more week on the steroid dose I'm on, then I drop down to only 19 mg a day. Another YEAH. I can't wait until the steroids are done. Then the hard work of getting this weight of begins.

I intend to start a regime of using resistance bands for the upper body. Haven't figured out yet what to do about the lower body with all it's limitations, but I'll talk to my physical therapist and see what he suggests.

Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. I did a fair share of "wall and furniture" walking. No falls I'm VERY pleased to report. Of course, I overdid and am paying for it today with my balance and decreased energy, but it was worth it. As I wrote a few entries back in the letter to the caregivers. It's up to me to decided to push knowing there will be consequences. To me, yesterday's pushing was worth it.

My brother and his wife are coming over today for lunch and a visit. It will be nice as I haven't seem them in quite some time.

Everyone stay cool....enjoy the rest of your weekend and take one day at a time!


Webster said...

Furniture walking. Wall walking. You sound a bit like Spiderman!

ANY walking is a good thing! Right?

(You're down to 10 mg., not 19, isn't that right?) I can't believe they've given you steroids for this long. I feel for you.

Kimberly said...

LOL...I figure any type of "walking" that keeps me upright works for me! Of course, I spend most of my time either in my chair or scooter. I'm currently on 20mg and will be for another week. Then go down to 10mg. I hope my Neurologist takes me off SOON. I don't think I can get any more round. NONE of my clothes fit at all. I love buying new clothes...but not becasue I require a BIGGER size!

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

You need to slow down... The weight will come off but don't over do it... I love working with those bands though. They work very well. I am off to read about your Husband's new business adventure.