Tuesday, June 02, 2009


No one ever said that life was fair. I've never been the type of person to say "Why me", I'm the one that say "Why NOT me"? I try not to take all my frustration out on my husband. None of this is his fault and he has been nothing short of supportive and amazing, especially considering everything MS has done to me over the last year. I've had more doses of steroids than a locker room full of professional baseball players and take more pills on a daily basis than a Hollywood star addicted to Vicodin. I no longer walk, but roll around the house usually with Maggie (our cat) sitting royally on my lap as if I am her own personal taxi service. Ever since I came home from Rehab, Maggie simply will not let me out of her site. I think she's afraid I'm going to leave again. I think the dog could care less if I'm around. She's loyal to whoever feeds and walks her, which is Mark when he's home. I got a break from rehab this week and the break has been a welcome one. I can't believe the fatigue I'm fighting. Fatigue has always been one of my MS issues,, but not like this. I can, ad have, fallen asleep when I sit it a chair to watch TV. (Or blog for that matter). So, this degree of fatigue is new as is the complete disappearance of my stamina. The act of getting out of bed and getting dressed takes every bit of stamina I have. Heck, after that I'm ready for bed again! So, in an effort to manage both I'm going to sleep later and turn in earlier. See if that helps with either. As I find myself now fighting to stay awake as I type, I think it's time to just give in and turn in for the night. ZZZZZZZZ

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