Monday, June 15, 2009

NOT good fit

I find myself pretty frequently of late, not blogging because I'm too darn angry.
Goes back to the lessons learned of never speaking or typing when you could inadvertently say something that could remotely hurt someone else. Then, today I thought, "What the here goes".
This all started a week ago last Friday. Remember, I was trying to find someone to talk to. Everything, the hearing, the MS and not being able to work had just got to be too much. So, I called my insurance company, got a list of names and made an appointment with Dr. M.
Mark and I drove the hour for my appointment and noted something as I was waiting to be seen. Every time a patient was called back to see one of the MD's, they were back out in about 10 minutes TOPS. Soon, it was my name that was called. I wheeled myself after the person who called my name (the same person I may add who didn't even bother to hold the door open for the person in the WHEELCHAIR that was following her), and realized that this person WAS Dr. M. (Yep, I could tell this was going to be the beginning of a truly wonderful relationship).
Dr. M. then spent 10 minutes asking me the usual questions. Health history, do I want to hurt myself, am I hearing voices (she/he asked the deaf person, but I digress), yada, yada, yada. At the end of her/his question and answer session she/he put down his/her pen and asked, "So, what do you want from me"? I responded honestly, "I've lost my hearing, gone from dancing at my wedding 14 months ago to a wheelchair, I fell at work, hurt my back and can't work, my sense of self worth is crap and I need someone to help me develop some coping skills". I about fell out of my wheelchair when she/he responded, "I don't do counseling, you'll have to find someone else for that". She/he then whipped out the good 'ol prescription pad and said, "I'll give you something to help you sleep and an antidepressant. I'll see you again in two weeks". Of course for the whopping 15 minutes I spent with Dr. M the receptionist collected my $15.00 co-payment on the way out.
I tracked my husband down (he was outside waiting for me expecting the appointment to take an hour). Needless to say he was surprised to see me so quickly. When he asked how it went, all I could say was, "It wasn't a good fit".
So, the search continues.
And the rest of the story will continue tomorrow. I'll share last Friday's visit with the Opthomologist.......HE was's the MS that continues to be ugly.

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JC said...

There really are some lousy Dr's out there .. I've found a lot of them ... finding the good ones ... that's hard.

Hope you find one ...