Saturday, June 13, 2009

When life gives you lemons......

Thank You Tara at Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis for giving me this award. Tara does a great job with her blog. I'm especially enjoying the results of all the polls she has recently been conducting. Amazing to see how similar we all really are with our MS symptoms.

Here are the guidelines for this award (and the HARD part). Post it on your blog. Did that. Nominate others with positive thinking/attitudes. Post links to their sites and notify them.

There are so many blogs I follow on a daily basis. Each for it's own special reason.

Some, I can always count on to make me laugh no matter how bad a day I'm having: Blindbeard's Multiple Sclerosis Blog No matter how bad she's feeling or what animal has kept her up all night, she somehow always seems to find the humor in each situation. When she can't find the humor, her sharp wit creates it for her.

Another blog I follow is Herrads' Access denied-living with multiple sclerosis I've learned a lot from Herrad. Most of all how differently MS patients are treated there vs. the US. I've especially come to enjoy Herrads' pictures and the stories they tell of her life. A picture truly is worth a thousand words.

Then there is Webster halt stop forget relax She always posts with such honesty. No pretense. (It is what it is...although I believe I said that first last July)! :0)~ She is also so supportive when it comes to rallying around others who are experiencing a rough time.

A recent addition to my regular reading list is Jeff at Learning to live with Multiple Sclerosis Jeff was diagnosed with MS in January of this year and started blogging about his experience shortly thereafter. He is very honest about his experience through through process and doesn't attempt to hide the stark fear he (as we all have), often felt.

Then of course there is (MS). Sorry couldn't get your link to highlight. I think her blog was actually one of the first, if not THE first I stumbled upon. I have a tremendous amount of personal respect for her. Even hurricane Ike couldn't take away her positive mindset. (She also recommended the "Terminator" to me which has been a HUGE lifesaver already this summer).

I could go on and on. I don't think there is a blogger I follow that doesn't deserve mention here. You ALL do. Unfortunately, my fingers aren't cooperating enough to type any longer!


Webster said...

Thank you Kimberly,
It's the perfect season for a lemonade stand. It'll help me make some extra income on top of SSDI. Very thoughtful of you to set me up with a home based business!

Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

Thank You Kimberly!!!!

MS. ME said...

Thanks Kimberly!

You were one of my first stops on my path to online support and YOU ROCK!!