Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Busy Day

Just wrapped up a busy day. Shopping for an anniversary gift for hubby, then the last night of Lent bible study. Rushed home to run protocols. Still learning to balance running programs with life. Missed my 1p.m.  time as I wasn't home. So I got home at 4:30, ran a program, went to home and just finished running more programs. Payng for not keeping to the schedule. My back pain is worse than it has been for the past week :(  My own fault though.

Thanks to Muff for the author suggestions! Wish you could make it to Texas. Hopefully someday this treatment will be widely available to everyone AND covered by insurance! I know it's turned out to be an absolute blessing for me in regrds to my pain, sleep and MS symptoms. TIme will tell if it helps prevent exacerbations....but you can bet I'll keep you posted!

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