Thursday, March 22, 2012

Treatment explanation

OK...I'm going try to  explain what the treatment is I'm getting in short, sweet terms.
The VT-200, or Vecttor system, delivers electrical stimulation, through electrodes, on accupressure points on my hands, feet, arms and legs to provide symptomatic relief of chronic pain.The machine determines the right stimulation intensity by automatically measuring my body temp through two specially designed Thermistors that are on my fingers during testing. The Thermistor monitor my skin temp. The VT-200 delivers four channels of current through the two treatment leads and 8 electrodes that are on my hands/feet, arms/legs according to whatever treatment protocol I'm running. They do not stimulate muscles. They stimulate nerves. It is completely painless. In fact I don't feel ANYTHING during my treatments. I doze, read or chat.

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