Saturday, March 17, 2012


Finally...a decent night sleep. Not a perfect one, but at least I was able to sleep for a few hours at a time. My Doc increased my Neurontin dose yesterday to 600mg TID. We had to do something for the neuropathy I was having in my left leg. It was so bad I couldn't stand anything to touch it, let alone roll over on it at night. As much as the Neurontin helps I don't like the fog" I find myself in until my body adjusts to the increased dose.

Ahh the joys of MS. Just coming off an exacerbation I'm hyper-aware of everything. Working to keep my stress level under control and doing everything I can so my body heals. I still have some additional weakness on the left that wasn't there prior to this last exacerbation, but I also know it will be weeks before things have the chance to heal and come back. One step at a time!

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