Sunday, March 18, 2012

Travel Day...and leg cramps.

I made the right decision by coming down to Bakersfield last night. Hubby say we got lots of snow and as it rained Not good for driving.

My evening was uneventful and the night quiet. Until 4 am when I was awakened by the worst leg cramps. PERFECT. I hadn't had leg cramps in months and as I'm on Neuontin I was hoping I wouldn't have them anymore. WRONG. Damn, they hurt, and on a travel day no less. Walking can be awkward at the best of times let alone when your legs hurt and the muscles are fatigued from cramping.

Gonna be a long day today. Other than the muscles aching in my legs I actually feel pretty good today. My energy level is good and my mental attitude is positive. I'm really looking forward to my treatments in Texas, although I will miss my hubby!

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