Saturday, March 17, 2012

MS is "Lucky"??

I'm sitting alone in a hotel room. Big snow predicted for home and I couldn't risk being snowed in and missing my flight tomorrow morning. One thing that I absolutely refuse to lose to MS is my independence. I may walk like I'm drunk at speech can often be confused and I may have to use braces and a cane to get around, but I do everything that I can independently. I have a great husband. He knows when to help and when to step back and let me try.

I know he wasn't exactly thrilled to let me go to Texas to see Doc by myself. Especially since I am recovering from an exacerbation and he knows any stress can throw me back into another one. (Everyone knows how stressful just getting through airport security is). However, he also knows how important it is to me that I am as independent as I can possibly be.

I'm very lucky so far with my MS. I'm still mobile, and if one overlooks the leg brace and cane no one would think I have MS. Those of you who know me and my MS history might think I'm out of my mind to say I've been "Lucky". "They" think it was the MS that took my hearing leaving me 100% deaf. Who can call that lucky? I spent time in the hospital, rehab and in a chair three years ago due to the worst exacerbation I've ever had.  I typically go through and exacerbation ever 4-6 months requiring IV steroids. That's "Lucky"?? Who would call that 'Lucky".

I would. You see I have a powerful force on my side. God. Without my faith and the strength God gives me there is no way I would have been able to overcome the obstacles MS has thrown in my path. Through the struggles I've had with MS there have been lessons learned and blessings received. I've met wonderful people BECAUSE of my MS. I've had opportunities and doors opened BECAUSE of my MS. So, while yes, it's true, having MS sucks, I choose to focus on the blessings I've received as a direct result of having MS. Don't get me wrong. There are days when I get frustrated because I can't grasp things, or talk right...or hear or walk without stumbling.  However, I believe it's how you handle those challenges that tells the world who you really are, what your really made of. For me, those challenges also bring me closer to God. Those challenges are a reminder of how much I need Him in my life for strength. I can't "do" MS alone. Even with a husband who is behind me 200% and family and friends with unwavering love and support it's the strength God gives me that keeps me going. So yes, I would say I've been "Lucky" with my MS.

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