Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Monday :0)

It's FINALLY here.....not Monday, heck that rolls around once a week. FALL is here to stay! Te days have been crisper and the nights down right cold. We actually put our winter quilt on the bed yesterday. After Fall dancing in and out all month, it's finally settled in for the season.

I'm just about finished with my grandaughters quilt. Just putting the decorative buttons on and it will be finished. Since I had extra material I went ahead and made a pillowcase to match the quilt. I'll snap a few pictures when it's all done.

Another week begins. This will be my last quiet week until the holidays. Seems I have multiple apppointments every week from now until the week before Thanksgiving, then they start all over again on November 30th. Have no idea how that happened. The only appointment I'm actually looking forward to is my opthamologist. I hope my Optic Neuritis is gone. My eyes changed so much after the bout I had in April that I need a new pair of glasses. We held off for 6 months to see if the vision would come back. It hadn't and then I had this last bout. Fortunately, the vision changes with this last bout reversed after a month. However, the changes since April have not. After almost 7 months doesn't look like the right eye will be improving. My opthamologist says the damage is done. Oh well, no use bemoaning things I can't change.

Everyone have a happy Monday and make the week a good one!!!

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Herrad said...

Hi Kimberly,
Hope all your appointments go well.
Came by to say hello and wish you a good Halloween weekend.