Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Just when you think things are going really well.  Pow.

I woke up this morning blurry vision, and of course the thought of optic neuritis. Great. I already had an appointment scheduled for tomorrow with my primary care physician, but I called the office to get in to see her today.  So, I have an appointment at two o'clock this afternoon.

The worst exacerbation I ever had was this past April.  It started with going blind in my right eye.  That led to five days in the hospital and two weeks in rehab.  Not to mention full time in a chair.  Things have been going pretty well with my MS..  I'm out of the chair and using a cane full time.  While I've been battling with stamina and fatigue issues.  Everything else seemed to be going well. I started having problems with my hands not working well about three days ago. I couldn't button my shirt.  I was afraid the hands were the beginning of an exacerbation.  However, after spending four straight months on steroids,  I was just going to tough it out.  Being deaf I won't risk permanent damage to my eyes, so off I go to the doctors.

I'll blog tonight and let everyone know how the appointment went.

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