Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Is there any thing more frustrating

than trying to communicate with your physician? As I posted yesterday I went to see my primary care physician because I woke up with blurry vision.  She diagnosed optic neuritis on the right eye and possible optic neuritis on the left eye.  So, today I find out that the plan that my neurologist wants carried out is to have three days of IV steroids, and then go to USC. My primary care physician can't answer the question as to why my neurologist wants me to go to USC.
So, I called my neurologist's office to try and see  why he wants me to go to USC. Now I wait for a call back.  USC is at least three hours away from where I live.  I can't see traveling all the way there to see a specialist for something that I've been battling for the last few years. Because I have an  HMO everything has to be preapproved.  Hopefully I will be able to start before the weekend, but it may be Saturday before they get approval can schedule a home health nurse to come out.

I dread the steroids. They always make me so sick.  Not to mention that my blood sugar gets out of whack.  Tomorrow I go see my ophthalmologist.  I often wonder why I bother, as there isn't anything that he can specifically do for the optic neuritis.  You can probably tell that I am frustrated.  I had been doing so well the last month.  I was up walking with a cane and likely doing too much but it felt good.  Now my hands are dropping things, I can't button my shirt's, and my eyes are blurry.  Perfect.  Just perfect.

Well, I'll keep you posted with what happens next.  I just wish my journey with MS wasn't so rocky.

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Living Day to Day with Multiple Sclerosis said...

I am so sorry this is happening to you right now. It really does sound as though you are having an exacerbation. I hope they can start the steroids soon with you to start giving you some relief. Please keep us posted on how you are doing. Just remember that if you get that extreme energy burst use it wisely and still try to stay laying down and resting. I found that out my last treatment and it helped recover quicker. I'll be thinking about you!!!