Thursday, October 08, 2009

Steroids Day One......

Before I start my entry I want to take the time to think all of you who sent positive comments and personal e-mails of support.  One great thing about the MS blogging community is the great support we give to one another.  Thank you.

I just finished my first dose of steroids.  I felt so bad for the home health nurse it took her forced to ask to get an IV in.  Then I had to call her back after she left because it started leaking.  Fortunately, the IV was still good.  She just had to tighten the connection.  Hopefully the IV will last through the infusions.  This time I'm only having three doses instead of the normal five, thank goodness. Because my first dose was this evening.  I anticipate no sleep tonight.  I'll be infusing my second dose in the morning, a bit close together, but it will get me on a morning infusion schedule.  I'm just so glad I've only doing three infusions, five are just too much for me.

The eyesight in my right eye is like looking through clouds, challenging to see through. Hopefully the steroid.  The inflammation and my vision will return back to normal soon. I'm trying to remain positive, as always.  However, this time, I feel like I've been kicked in the teeth.  I was just doing so well it's really discouraging to have an exacerbation. I'm sure you all can relate to that.

 I'll blog again tomorrow and let you all know how I'm doing through the infusions.

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Lisa Emrich said...


I really hope that the steroids do their duty very quickly. When optic neuritis clouds the vision, or even takes it away, is very scary. I've been there.

Sending good thoughts your way.