Sunday, October 18, 2009

What happened to Fall???

There I was, enjoying the brisk days of early fall when suddenly Summer returned. Now I'm "enjoying" warm days in the upper 70's! (For me there is no such thing as "enjoying" temps above 70 as I'm incredibly heat intolerant).  Now, I'm back to only being outdoors in the early morning and during the evening. I feel like a vampire! Even my garden is confused. My Day Lilies are blooming again and even my husbands tomato plant has new blooms!

At least I have my blogging and crafts to keep my mind busy. I'm working on drawing the quilting design on my granddaughters quilt. I figure it will take me another day or two to finish that step. Then on to the quilting! I hope to have the entire blanket done before Thanksgiving. A lot depends on how my eyes do with the optic neuritis, but as always I'm optimistic!  Once this quilt is completed all my Christmas gifts are done. (phew).

Here's a thought. Maybe we'll just skip Fall this year and go straight into Winter?

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