Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm baack with a question for you.

Yes, I know. As several of you have pointed out through email, I dropped off the radar for a bit. I've had some stressfull life "things" going on and withdrew to deal with them for awhile. My world has now "righted" itself back on it's axis and for now, all is well.

I'm, like the rest of you, starting to get busy with the holidays. My shopping is just about completed (thanks to the internet) and I've managed to do it without exhausting myself. The challenge is always how to manage off the holiday stress. Even when it's something you enjoy the stress and MS can rear up and bite you on the hind end.

So, my question is this. How are you going to manage the stress of the holidays this year?

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Lisa said...

I decided to save my vacation and take a full week off BEFORE Christmas and a full week off AFTER Christmas. I'm pretty excited about it! =)

I enjoy your blog! It's very fun to read! Thanks!!