Monday, February 22, 2010

Where is the caring?

Once again I find myself back at ground zero. I went to my ophthalmologist on Friday and I once again have optic Neuritis. This time on the left.  So, I wheeled out of his office with eye drops and an appointment to see him in six weeks.

No biggy. I've been through this before. However, I noticed over the weekend that I was losing my peripheral vision on the left. OK. THAT is NOT GOOD. So, first thing this morning I called my ophthalmologist only to be told he wont be in until the afternoon. Great. So, I then pick up the phone and call my neurologist. Had to leave a message at the front desk. 

I went about my day and noticed that my left leg was getting weaker and I was dropping things. By this time it was afternoon and I hadn't heard from anyone. (I believe it was close to 3: 30 p.m.).  SO, I picked up the phone and called the ophthalmologist, only to be told he just got in and would be given the message. I then called my Neurologists office, only to be told they would once again take a message. HELLO does anyone care?!?!? 

As a last resort I called my primary care physician and told her nurse the symptoms. She stated she would talk to Dr. Hall immediately. Within 5 minutes my phone rang. It was my primary care physicians office informing me that they had put in an emergency authorization to the insurance company for IV steroids with home health. (YUCK). FINALLY, someone who gave a crud that I was losing my eye sight. 

About 10 minutes later, my phone rang, it was my neurologist's front office girl stating that he had spoken to UCLA and wants to see me March 3rd. OK great......but does he want to do anything about my eye? I asked. The response , "No".

I hung up the phone and cried. Called my husband and asked him what I should do. Do I call my primary care physician and cancel the steroids. His response was no and I should find another Neurologist. 

It is now 4 P.M. and I still have not heard from my ophthalmologist


Webster said...

I'm in agreement with your husband. Go ahead and do the steroids. A vision flare is nothing to ignore, IMO.

Best of luck to you, both with your relapse and with your neuro hunt.

Laura Hegfield said...

this is horrible...absolutely find a new neuro immediately and a new least your primary was paying attention! Unbelievably irresponsible behavior from your docs...they should be reported to the board of physicians or some such in your state...this is really NOT acceptable.

I hope the steroids bring you back to stasis and that your vision returns soon as well as your strength.