Saturday, February 27, 2010

Time for a change

I decided not to do the steroids for the Optic Neuritis. I figured if my Neurologist didn't think it was a big deal why should I? (Yes, I got a bit pissy about it).  In fact, I got so pissy about it that I've requested my records from my Neurologist and asked my Primary Car Physician to help me find another one. I intend to keep my appointment with him this coming Weds. Simply to hear what UCLA had to say, then I will no longer see him. He used to be the best Neurologist, then he had a stroke and now it's like he can't make a decision without consulting with someone else.

My Primary Care Physician and I actually had a conversation about LDN. I don't know a lot about it, but it means no more shots. A pill a day, I can live with that! So, I'm doing research about it. If anyone has any information about it or knows of a good website I would appreciate it if you would share it with me.

At this point my O.N. isn't any better. In fact I've lost a lot of my periphreal vision on the left. It will come back. Slowly.

I have to admit this case of Optic Neuritis left me more than a bit peeved with God. When is enough, enough? I was denied my retirement, still waiting on Social Security only to find out that THEY are waiting for my Neurologist to get my medical records in. They have requested them numerous times over the past 4 months apparently. I just can't seem to get a break, but I'm trying to hang in there. My Pastor gave me an assignment of reading Phillipians chapter 4. (As if giving up chocolate for Lent wasn't enough).  So, I'm reading it. I'm sure God will teach me something during my study.

Anyway, there's the latest update.


Melissa, Multi-Tasking Mama said...

I can relate..I have asked God why several times during my MS/Lupus journey. I just encourage you to seek His face through is in the valleys of life that we have the opportunity to draw the closest to God. (((hugs))) and prayers

Anonymous said...

I have done LDN for about a year and a half. No runs, no hits, no errors. My last big hit was in 2007. none since. It has no known side effects so far. Might as well try. I had mis-diagnosed optic neuritis in 1972. It really hurt! The quack thought I had a sinus attack. If God decides to help you let me know. I'll change to yours.