Saturday, August 15, 2009

Mom's coming for a visit.......

Well, now that a few days have passed I'm not so pissed off about UCLA. I'll never go back there, but the red haze is no longer clouding my vision. LOL.

I'm back to "It is what it is". God has is plan, I'm just along for the ride. Right now the ride seems to be a raging river and I feel like I'm barely keeping my balance in the raft. Thank goodness the rest of my life, while not perfect is pretty darn good. It has it's currents, but it's not a raging river.

Mom arrives Tuesday from Missouri for a visit. Why is it that it doesn't matter how old we are, we still strive for parental approval. I'm making my husband crazy making sure the house is picked up, the walls clean and pictures hung. In reality my mother wouldn't care, but I do. Hence the craziness that will occur between now and Mom's arrival.

I haven't seen my mom since my wedding last April. I hate the fact that my family is so spread out. Missouri, Florida, Kentucky, California. My brother and I are the last California hold outs and I doubt either of us will stay here when we retire.

I tried to do some research on the net regarding studies on MS subgroups and couldn't find anything. I'll try to dig a bit deeper to see if I can find anything. If I do I'll post it here.

I'm adjusting the the chair. It's incredibly responsive, so I'm learning just how much touch is required to maneuver it. It's really easy to over correct. That's where I get myself into trouble. I'm coming to like the chair, although I feel more comfortable in my manual. Probably because I'm so used to it. I sit in it and it's like home, where the power chair intimidates me a little. Imagine. Being intimidated by a stupid chair. Geesh. I really think that with being totally comfortable with the power chair requires more acceptance of my disease progression than I'm able to pull off.....yet.

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